Not only is Chris Dortch a talented and creative guy, he’s a terrific collaborator. He’s able to think “out of the box” and suggest possibilities that can expand visions and often save money. I’m a fan. Michael .

Michael McLean

Michael McLean

Owner, Michael McLean Music

Chris has a number of strengths to offer the digital media world as is evident by his list of achievements. Chris is always interested in supporting others. For example, in the years he was at UVU and we worked on our class projects Chris was helpful with ideas for others in showing them how he did what he did. His personal productions were always top of the class. I would highly recommend Chris for his performance, capability, and helpful working relationship. Chris will be a encouraging addition to any venue or organization.

Chasey Mitchell

Chasey D Mitchell Jr

Director of Technology

Chris is a lot of fun to work with. He’s the kind of guy you can sit down and chat with for five minutes and he already pictures your vision. He’s extremely creative with After Effects and knows how to get the job done. When I need something out-of-the-box, Chris is the man to go to

Tony Hadlock

Tony Hadlock


“I have known Chris Dortch for almost 15 years now. He is an impressive young man. He is hard working, determined, focused, and effective. He is successful at everything he does. Juxtaposed to his amazing business achievements, Chris is a successful father and has raised a beautiful family. He is a loving husband. He has a great sense of humor. He is kind and thoughtful. And, he is one of the funnest guys you will ever hang out with. Chris is a person who has integrity the likes of which I haven’t seen before. I would trust him with my life. I give Chris my highest recommendation.”

Dan Oaks

Dan Oaks

Owner, DVO Enterprises

Chris is extremely easy to work with. We worked on several technical projects, where Chris would have a vision of what he wanted to accomplish, and we would work together to hash out the details of the implementation. Often he would come with a thought-out plan, but was also open to other ways of accomplishing the task. He would make himself available to test prototypes and provide feedback. If you have the chance to work with him, you will find him to be an honest, capable partner

Jon Bosley

Jon Bosley

Firmware Engineer

“When you are looking for a creative genius look no further than Chris. I have worked with him off and on for over 15 yrs now. He has helped me land some of my biggest clients. If you ever get the chance to work with him you will not be disappointed.”

Woody Woodward

Woody Woodward

CEO, M.O.N.E.Y. Matrix

Chris is an outstanding media professional and manager....I have worked closely with him on some very tough projects....crazy schedules, moving design requirements, picky customers--And he always nails it. One of the best I have ever seen!

Tom McFarland

Thomas McFarland Jr.

Research and Development Manager

Chris Dortch is a man of integrity, vision, and leadership with incredible amounts of business knowledge and experience, which ranges from raising venture capital to selling company shares. While Chris regularly leads organized board meetings and prepares various company reports, he is a rainmaker and one that generates opportunity wherever he goes. Chris has orchestrated multiple very successful win-win deals involving both domestic and international negotiations. Chris has many business contacts and friends, of which I am both.

Ronny White

Ron White

CTO Global Archive, Inc.

During an internationally televised broadcast, Shanghai Media Group (“SMG”) said, “video production and distribution market in China was worth nearly 10 billion Yuan” and Dortch’s content was described by SMG as being “amazing.” Dortch said, we “have shots all over the world, from some of the highest peaks of Everest, to some of the lowest places on Earth” (

During an interview conducted by the, Daily Herald Dortch spoke of digital media and its role in the Chinese government: “For me, there is a deeper mission,” Dortch said. “We will be contributing to positive media to build a better society” Read More

Newswriter Debra Lordan of Pacific Media Group wrote the following about Dortch, “The idea to preserve and honor the area through photos and film footage fits perfectly with Dortch’s former career as a National Geographic photographer and cinematographer, where he digitized and distributed multimedia content online” Read More

Markee Magazine described Dortch’s company: “It’s easy to see why the company’s artsy collection is noteworthy, as Dortch points out that the company’s cinematographers have acquired content ‘in hundreds’ of national parks, in addition to a more recent and more daunting task: spending ‘several weeks with the U.S. military shooting high-speed footage of C4 explosions, machine guns, operating shots from Chinooks, Black Hawk helicopters and many other military vehicles,’ Dortch said View PDF

Adobe called the digital imagery created by Dortch’s company, “amazing, stunning work” that caused “Goosebumps in the audience!” Read More

60 Telly Awards

Adobe Design Achievement Award

Special recognition by the National Geographic Society

Awards from TV Land, Daytime Emmy, BPI, as well as the DVD Premiere Award